Selected events in the development of long-term project to achieve fully inclusive, rights-based laws and legal systems

1986:  Proposed review of incapacity and mental health law to Scottish Law Commission

1986-2000:  Revival and development of tutors to adults, including instructing Morris (1986) and Britton (1992) cases

1990:  Addressed conference of UK Social Work Directors: referred to previous decade’s focus on child protection, proposed that focus in forthcoming decade should be upon protection of vulnerable adults: generally accepted

1994:  Trinity Hall College, Cambridge, adviser to mental health law project

1995:  Keynote speaker at “Consensus for Change?” conference, leading to review of mental health law

1999:  Assisted Eric Clarke MP, successful private member’s bill to amend Mental Health Act

2004:  Keynote speaker at Robert Bosch Foundation conference (Germany) of all German NGOs active in countries of central, eastern and south eastern Europe

2007:  Advised five Nordic nations on introduction of powers of attorney for incapacity

2010/2012/2014:  British representative (and then honorary guest) at Regensburg Symposium (on European private law)

2016:  Keynote speaker, opening plenary session, World Adult Guardianship Congress (Germany)

2016:  As representative of Council of Europe, speaker at plenary session of Alzheimer Europe Conference, Copenhagen

2017:  Keynote speaker World Family Law Congress, Amsterdam

2017:  Plenary speaker, international conference, Coimbra, Portugal

2018:  Plenary speaker, international conference, Madrid, Spain

2017-2018:  Assisting South Korea with planning of 5th World Congress on Adult Guardianship (will be speaker at 2 plenary sessions, moderator of two sessions)

2018:  Workshops for Asian countries in Seoul, Korea

2018:  Assisting with planning of joint European Commission/Hague Conference conference in Brussels (will be speaker)

1984:  “Scots Law and the Mentally Handicapped”, published by SSMH, ISBN 0 9506697 2 5

1990:  “The Power to Act”, published by SSMH, ISBN 0-9506697-7-6

1993:  English-language version of “A New View”, published by ILSMH, ISBN 2 930078 00 6

Translations published as follows:

1994 – Czech:          “Novy Pohled”, ISBN 2 930078 04 9

1995 – Russian:        “Noviy Vehglyad”, ISBN 2 930078 06 5 *

1995 – Estonian:       “Uutmoodi Vaatenurk”, ISBN 2 930078 05 7 *

1995 – Lithuanian:     “Naujas Poziuris”, ISBN 9986899-40-0

– Polish: “Nowe Spojrzenie”, ISBN 2 930078 00 6

* Funded by Clark Foundation (used in at least 30 countries)

2000:  Current Law Statutes Annotations to Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

2003:  “Adult Incapacity”, published by W. Green (Greens Practice Library), ISBN 0 414 01472 3

2008:  “Adults with Incapacity Legislation”, published by W. Green (Greens Essential Legislation), ISBN 978-0-414-01580-7

2018:  “Enabling citizens to plan for incapacity” (Council of Europe)

1992:  “Mental Handicap and the Law”, Sweet & Maxwell, ISBN 0-421-42000-6

1993:  “The Legal Rights of people with Disabilities” (published by Castlemilk Law Society and SSMH)

2001:  “Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 and Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000”, W Green, ISBN 0414 014359

2010 and each year thereafter:  “Court of protection Practice”, Jordans

2011:  “Vorsorgevollmacht und Erwachsenenschutz in Europa”, Gieseking, ISBN 978-3-7694-1089-1

2013:  “Kindesrecht und Elternkonflikt”, Gieseking, ISBN 978-3-7694-1119-5

2015:  “International Protection of Adults”, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-872725-5

2015:  “Mental Capacity Law & Practice”, 3rd Edition, Jordans, ISBN 978 1 78473 160 1

2016:  Three Jurisdictions Report (assessing UK legislation for compliance with UN Disability Convention)

2018:  Booklet for British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

2018:  Judicial Training: Access to Justice for People with Disabilities

2018:  “Mental Capacity Law & Practice”, 4th Edition, Jordans, ISBN 978 1784 734060